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And Now for Something Completely Different: Meet Nellie Pelley!

by Nellie Faye Pelley on March 20th, 2009 - 18:47:17

I was slumped in a tall chair of my favorite bar, feeling a glow from the rum sour when the image on the TV hit me in the solar plexus. The perky plagiarist celebrity historian, Doris Kearns Goodwin was bloviating on NBC nightly news about Obama’s Inauguration earlier that day.

And when I finally got home and poured a lemon vodka to complement the nachos from 7-11, I was a little tipsy so I turned on Charlie Rose…and there she was again, doing a song and dance with a panel of pundits. Exasperating. I had sat on my ass all afternoon at the track and never hit the daily double. Instead a daily double of the trimmer Goodwin is what befell me. If you’re a betting person like me, take 9-5 AGAINST on my life.

Now don’t get the wrong impression. You might wonder why I bawl about pompous news shows with declining market shares so low they might as well broadcast out of coffins in place of studios. This isn’t some mortgage foreclosure-induced rant, a flat-busted Ahab’s mean obsession. This isn’t the rage of a souse with her elbow in the guacamole. No, I don’t drink any more-- I drink the same as I always have. And I’m still agile enough to shove though life’s picks-and-rolls. Debts? Sure, who are we kidding? Verily, we all walk through the shadows of the valley of debt. But I do ok selling velvet paintings from my van on the side of the road. What sticks in my craw is that, while we ordinary folks are getting a raw deal, the gamers like Goodwin (and politicians and bankers) receive blank checks and this regularity bolsters my hustler third ex-husband’s philosophy, which mirrors W.C. Fields more than the Lillies of the Field. I loved him, but, oh, we tangled something fierce on this. In what follows, I might be talking out of school, but at least my mouth isn’t full while I say it.

To use blackjack lingo, since the subjects of Goodwin and my ex-hubby, Scripps Howard, are of identical value, I’ll split the pair and make separate hands, starting with the slippery historian.

Just as investment bankers got over by packaging inflated mortgages, publishers got richer by selling inflated biographies as popular history. Whether in finance or book-selling, derivatives made big money. Some academics became millionaire media stars and were encouraged to cut corners in research; after all, their commercial works weren’t accountable by American Historical Association standards. Commercial publishers are careful about copyright and liable, which are legal issues, but they can and do rip off others research since that’s just ethics and there’s no dollar sign in front of ethics.

Goodwin was busted for plagiarism on two of her best-selling page-turners. Even though I’m a devotee of the History Channel, I’m no scholar, no Gabriel BFD Kolko. Heck, Erich von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods” is my idea of good history. Since what I’m hip to is mostly schemers and scheming, I’ll make way for Peter Charles Hoffer, who sat on the AHA’s standards committee and wrote “Past Imperfect.” His book was a hard read for me. But I toughed it out, sweating through half-hour stints in the van or on the casino bus, and I didn’t crap out as I had when I made a go at Proust.

Kearn’s two major books “had insidious flaws,” Hoffer observes, “missing quotation marks, missing citations and paraphrases so close to the originals that they should have been treated as direct quotations. Goodwin’s initial denials, followed by halting admissions, only fueled the fire.” Hoffer isn’t as harsh as I am about this, but he records, “Goodwin did not initially admit… Simon & Schuster had made a payment to (author Lynne) McTaggart…and, in subsequent editions, Goodwin added citations to over 40 passages and a strong acknowledgment to McTaggart in the introduction. The settlement (made, presumably to avoid a lawsuit for copyright infringement) did not resolve the ethical and professional question that unattributed borrowing raises.” Hoffer stresses that the secret settlement with victimized author McTaggart “is the exact opposite of a public acknowledgment and apology. It protects the reputation of the alleged perpetrator and hides the delict from readers.” “Delict” is a sawbuck word for “offense.”

Visiting a website of one D. K. Goodwin—I don’t know for sure it’s the historian but it sounds about right—I found she boasts of swimming the English Channel, touring as singer for The Grateful Dead, racing a sled in the Iditarod, competing in tennis singles at Wimbledon, inventing the original recipe for chili con carne, achieving fame in Russia as “The Brooklyn Swan of the Bolshoi,” and penning novels under the name of “Thomas Pynchon.” So accomplished, yet so modest, according to her web master and publicity agent.

Let’s see a show of hands if you’re muttering, yeah, another story of Cinderella seduced by greed. Why all the choler and how does this tie in with my ex-husband? That’s coming next. Thank you for your patience. Age touches all of us and it slapped me real hard. This is like trying to find my thread so I can make my way in slippers through a landfill in a gassy, steaming fog. I’ll cool out with a little Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass and tie this up with a big bow just for you.

When I met Scripps I was at loose ends, coming off my second divorce and wondering if I was cut out to be Mary Poppins and live the conventional “sweet life.” My nerves were taut as piano string. Scripps was young, dark-haired, blue-eyed with a testy vitality, chasing the money dream, a small time gambler who turned grifter when the card decks were cold. It was a case of right cocktail, wrong man. Besides, I was always a sucker for a man who resembled Joan Crawford, even if he didn’t have her shoulders.

For four years we ”cross-roaded,” a pair of outriders, Jim and Nellie Huck, joining all the other young rebels to seek freedom and escape on the road. Elks clubs, restaurant backrooms, Moose lodges, card rooms and bridge clubs. That’s where we practiced our cheap grind. We arrived in more towns than Publishers Sweepstakes mailings. We preferred small rooms and limited-pots over security-conscious casinos. Gulling the local jimbronis with smiles and sleights-of-hand was easier. Scripps cherished his carrying case of shaved, hallowed, cut-edged, capped and gaffed dice. He had amazing finger dexterity gained from doing magic acts with coins. For his palms, he plied a zippo lighter in the crease of his hand. In motel rooms he practiced his fluid arm swing and elegant follow through.

Scripps was a first-class “bust-out” man or smooth dice switcher. I became adept at card counting and signaling him plays for blackjack, which is hard to do, because you really have to act that you’re sloshed and doing anything but counting.

At that minor league- level, we were sharp. Getting something by us was like getting a sunrise past a rooster. In fact, we once solved a murder after a strange woman’s body was found in the library of a home near where we were staying in the town of St. Mary Mead. Wait a minute. That’s a flashback to an Agatha Christie story. Oops! That calls for a reshuffle.

“Gambling is Wall Street for blue collar mokes,” Scripps often said. He argued that society was like a crooked house wheel. The pros inside the gaming venues were the ones redeemed. He pitied and scorned the mainstreaming mugs outside as they numbly bustled toward their mortality. This was always distressing to me. Once I went to a highfalutin museum exhibit of a “great” artist. Damien Hirst was his name, I believe. Dead creatures were floating in a sea of formaldehyde. All my life, I’ve fought against corrosive, withering outlooks. But now I wonder if Scripps and this Hirst guy are right—maybe the corpses fluttering all around us are those of bad banks, bad hedge funds, bad historians, bad culture.

“To the extent crime is organized," Scripps would remark, gesturing wildly when he got wound up, “it’s composed of thousands of networks and coalitions, often fighting one another as they struggle to set the rules for ‘established’ scamming. Media moguls, bankers, politicos, legitimate business execs, law officers and lawyers. It’s not the mafia, it’s us, it’s the way society works.” Today’s news makes Scripps look like a wised up-tout. Are the big whales like Goldman Sachs bringing down the Bernie Madoffs because Ponzi scheme rip-offs threaten the established arrangements which are already in crisis?

Tired of the road, one buffet sneezeguard too far, we made a down payment on a shack in Lucille, Nevada and settled down to a respectable life of petty gambling and grifting. “I’m a staunch advocate of non-violence,” Scripps might lecture, “I would never punch a time clock.” Oh, we had good times. I fondly remember the hot summer Sundays. Off to the Lucille Ball Park in our 1971 Mustang Mach I 302 v8. Sparks wagered on every pitch of the game. “It’s all in knowing what odds to lay,” he’d chuckle after making a nice haul. Then it was onto the Horse Doeuvres Race Track, where he’d blow most of his bundle. As the saying goes, he followed the horses, but his horses followed other horses. Finally, late in the evening, we’d go home, toss some spam on the grill, and drink cans of Coors, sitting in the bass boat parked in the backyard next to our vegetable garden.

We bickered over small things and over the hardness of his heart about large things, about people. One day Scripps announced, ”Sorry, babe, but I’ve got to cash in.” He really did have to leave town fast. As it turned out, he’d got involved with a couple Reno hoods, Frankie Gaul and Roger “Hammer” Stein. They sold possibly authentic pictures of a Jimmy Carter mock-saluting an Israeli flag in a stiff, unorthodox manner.

After Scripps left, I kept my life afloat, remarried, divorced yet again, and held onto the house where I still live. Our garden just lay down and died on me, however and now weeds cover it and the rotting bass boat.

Scripps still sends me a postcard once in a while. But he seems always on the lam. After spending years to find, with all kinds of army mine detectors, the site in the desert outside Palm Springs where it was whispered Bing Crosby buried a fortune in gold ingots. Scripps went through a number of maps and ended up broke. He tried to bounce back by racing turkeys for sport. I told him no one pays to see that. Now he’s wanted in SoCal for cruelty to animals. Scripps tried to recover his racing losses by promoting a traveling troupe of dancing turkeys. But the authorities found that underneath the portable stage there were specially-engineered hot plates. If I’ve learned anything, it’s never to bet on a dead horse or a live husband. One of Scripps habits should have raised questions for me: before he would lie down, he had to turn around three times.

Even in these dark times, when the closing bell tolls for all of us, when Madoffs, Daschelles and Goodwins rock me with an uppercut, I go down on one knee, to take the count for a breather so I can regroup. As rummy old Jake LaMotta (remember the “Raging Bull” movie ?) said about his bouts with Sugar Ray Robinson, “I fought him six times and won all but five of them.”

Maybe I find that faint spark to continue from warm memories of the one-year I spent in college, at the University of Utah. That’s where I grew up, Utah. Asked how I came to be born in such a place, I answer, “I wanted to be near my mother.” It was a tough childhood. Don’t get me wrong. Some folks are biased against Mormons. I’m not that way. In fact, I hope they’re right about Jesus coming back—we’re going to need something like that. My problem with Utah is that I was a bit of a rebel and didn’t connect with adults, peers or my parents. Mom worked hard laying tile. Dad was obsessed with trying to trace our family tree back to Adam and Eve. When not making charts, he spent all his time painting a crude replica of the Sistine Chapel on our bathroom ceiling.

During that year in college, I got mixed up with a small group of radicals who briefly became my family of choice. We hung out with toothless Ammon Hennacy, an actual Wobbly in the IWW’s heyday, before the liberal idealist Woodrow Wilson wiped out organizations that were anti-war, outlawed anti-war speech, and imprisoned dissenters. Wilson did that for the glory of making the world safe for democracy. Hennacy served hard time in the Atlanta Pen. Fifty activist years later in Salt Lake City, he ran the Joe Hill House of Hospitality, loosely affiliated with the anarchistic Catholic Worker movement.

Staying at the Joe Hill House were hoboes, many headed to Grand Junction, Colorado, where blood could be sold at the best prices in the west. We students solicited food for the place and, once a week, gathered for a discussion with Ammon and the hoboes. I learned more there than I did in the campus classroom. Aamon was close to, but often at odds with, Dorothy Day, the CW founder back in New York. Aamon and Dorothy Day inspired us to practice simple decency, follow “the little way,” settle land either in co-ops or privately and trust in ourselves, not surrender in cynicism and despair to a “Caesarist” state that claimed to represent the “people.” In a nutshell, that’s what the old New Left briefly stood for until it was beaten down or bought off. As for me, like the other New left alumni, I’ve aged badly, no longer the decent kind. But, thanks to Ammon and Dorothy Day, I’m still kind of decent. I may look a little clownish at this stage in my life, orange hair, red nose, baggy pants, and big, floppy shoes.

As you obviously can see, however, I’ve fathomed some ponderous things and, as soon as I’ve learned how to spell the complex words, I’ll write further. When I was in public school, my writing skills were praised, though I’ve always felt I was better at printing than cursive.

Now that I’ve vented about Doris Kearns Goodwin and reminded myself of that dim, tiny light still flittering inside myself maybe tomorrow I’ll rise with the sun to revive the garden. Weed, plant tomatoes, haul away the rusty bass boat debris. Tomorrow. What was that old theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show? Oh, yeah, “She’s going to make it after all.” I’ll drink to that.


Copyright ©2009 by Bill Nygren, secret agent for Nellie Faye Pelly


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  709. by Earle on February 17th, 2016 - 04:58:52
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  713. by Taylor on February 17th, 2016 - 13:46:58
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